Ossian Hall

Lost Forever Ossian Hall

    Ossian Hall, a former palatial mansion was once located at East Beach.  It was built by Louisiana sugar and cotton planter George Seth Guion in 1848.  George Guion married Catherine Lucretia Winder with whom three children were born, Lewis, Walter, and Carrie (who married former Louisiana Governor Gen. Francis T. Nicholls).  
     The home was originally called the old Miltenberger Place and the name was changed by 1939 owner, J.F. Galloway to Ossian Hall.  
     The house became famous in 1919, with the filming of the silent movie, Come Out of the Kitchen, starring Marguerite Clark.  She was no relation to a later owner, C.C. Clark, who had a daughter named Margaret.
     Beautifully structured, the large white two-story Greek Revival had a wide double-deck portico fronted by four immense fluted columns.  The 14-room mansion had a colorful history that included such guests as Andrew Jackson and Benjamin Butler.  Listed among the last owners were: C.C. Clark, followed by James Galloway, and then Col. Hulbert DeBen, owner at the time it burned down in mid-July 1956.