Henderson Estate

Lost Forever – Henderson Mansion

     According to J.J. Hayden’s research, in the 1830s a large house was situated in the center of the tract of land now known as Henderson’s Point.  There is some evidence that John Henderson may have occupied this home in 1839.  
     Located in the 700 block, this home was known as the J.B. Simmons Mansion during the 1920s to 1950s, because he had increased the height of the original structure and added the tall white columns which fronted it.  In 1956,  Dumas Milner bought it for $75,000.00.
     In 1968, it was scheduled to become Coast Episcopal private high school and to open for the September 1969 session.  Instead, it was demolished by Hurricane Camille.

     Prior to Simmons, the property was owned by Robert Norman of New Orleans and William J.  Montgomery, who had married Sadie Parker, sister of John M.  Parker.
     William Wiegand reported that the adjoining Moring property was formerly the home of Dorothy Dix, which burned down in the 1950s and was purchased by Dumas Milner.

Vanished and Vanquished by the 20 foot tidal surge.

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